Wellness Tips from Erin Keane, Naturopath

Wellness Tips from Erin Keane, Naturopath

We’ve been missing a naturopath at Wellbeing for a while now, but things have changed!! You will recognise Erin as one of our friendly receptionists, but what you may not have known is that she is also a naturopath. Erin is now seeing clients on Mondays and Saturdays at Wellbeing. We at Unwind Myotherapy look forward to working alongside Erin to give you the best care possible. Read on to learn a little about what Erin does, and to get a few tips on immunity and arthritis – things very relevant to the cold weather that has just shocked us all!  Make sure to read to the bottom, there’s a sweet deal just for you!

Who is Erin and what is this naturopathy you speak of?

Erin uses a combination of traditional naturopathic understanding with evidence-based medicine to formulate an individualised treatment plan for each of her patients. She believes in working with her patients to support realistic, sustainable changes to help achieve their wellness goals.

As we approach Winter and the weather is getting more bleak, Erin finds that there tends to be an increase in specific complaints from her patients. Here she mentions two big issues and some general tips to improve Winter wellness:

Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Dropping temperatures, cold winds and dark mornings are often unfortunately greeted with stiffening of the joints and an increase in pain, especially in people with arthritis or chronic inflammatory issues. Inflammation has a strong connection with diet and our digestive system, and paying attention to the foods we eat can help to combat flare ups and make day-to-day function easier.

  • Including anti inflammatory and antioxidant foods such as a rainbow of fruit and vegetables, omega-3 fats and plenty of water can be beneficial.
  • Avoiding processed foods, excess alcohol and for some people foods in the Solanaceae family such as tomatoes, eggplants and capsicum may aid in reducing inflammation and managing symptoms.
  • Warming, anti inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon can down regulate inflammatory processes, help tissues repair and improve circulation; always consult with your naturopath before using herbal supplements due to possible interactions and side effects.


Immune Health

Incidence of cold and flu tends to be on the up during Winter as well as general feelings of being “flat” and lacklustre. Naturopathy offers help for times of acute illness but its great strength is helping to build up the immune system to help prevent getting sick, or to at least make our symptoms less severe; book an appointment to learn more about specific and individualised nutritional and herbal strategies for immunity.

  • Hydration is super important even if you don’t feel like drinking water, as it helps our lymphatic system detoxify the body and fight fatigue. Make water more exciting as well as adding nutritional benefits by placing sliced lemon, cucumber, or oranges in your bottle. Herbal tea (non caffeinated) counts towards your water intake so warm up with delicious options such as ginger, lemongrass, peppermint and chamomile.
  • Aim to include quality protein with each meal to support your immune cells, as well as amping up vitamin C rich foods such as kiwi fruit, capsicum, oranges, broccoli and leafy greens.
  • REST! Winter is nature’s way of telling us to slow down and stay warm, and while our busy lives often make that seem impossible, you need to prioritise rest if you are feeling run down or your body will not have the chance to recover. Swap more intense exercise regimes for gentle walks or yoga, indulge in some Netflix or couch time with friends or family, and try to prioritise sleep.


If you would like to know more about how naturopathy can help you, book an appointment with Erin online here https://keaneforwellness.com/ or call 0430 376 101. Mention this post to take advantage of Erin’s introductory offer (1 hour initial consultation + 30 minute return consultation for $99, save $101).


Post by Candice Newton, BHSc Myotherapy

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