7 Healthy Tips for the Silly Season

7 Healthy Tips for the Silly Season

1.  Start Your Day With Hot Water and Lemon

This aids your digestion and assists with detoxification.  I top up water from a boiled kettle with cold water, then add the juice from a  quarter or half a lemon.

2.  Keep Drinking Plenty of Water in General!

Drinking water really makes such a difference to the way your body feels and is able to function, especially at times when we’re overindulging.   Most adults require around 2 litres per day, and more if you are active or drinking alcohol.

3.  Don’t Make it More Work that it Needs to be

I’m the queen of making things harder than they need to be!  It’s so easy to go overboard with getting people more presents, preparing more food than is needed (when you know that guests are bringing food too), saying yes to every invitation.   We’re hosting Christmas at our house this year, and my goal is to enjoy the time with my family not make it more work that it needs to be 🙂

4.  Still Eat Proper Meals

If I’m going to a party at night time, I try to eat dinner first.   I’m a food monster so I’ll eat the finger food while I’m there, I just won’t go as overboard and end up with a food hangover the next day!

5.  Going to the Beach House?  Take Your Pillow!

Every January I look after a lot of very sore people who have had a great holiday at the beach- apart from the dodgy beach house mattresses and pillows!   Taking your pillow from home will help.

6. Keep Moving, Even if you Miss a Day

People who are active feel better all the time, full stop.   Don’t completely lose your exercise routine.   Even if you do miss your regular exercise on a particular day, try substituting something else.  One of the things I love about summer is going for a walk after dinner while it’s still warm and light.

7.  Make Your Plate a Good One

If you’re bringing a plate to a party, make it a good one.   I stole the fruit kebab idea below from my friend Sarah-Jane Purnell, Naturopath and Nutritionist for a Christmas Party last weekend.

Fruit Kebabs


I hope that everyone can enjoy a well-earned break this Holiday Season.   Thank you for your support in 2015!



– Clare x



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