Clare’s Story

Clare’s Story

Hi there!


I’m Clare, myotherapist and owner of Unwind.  An interest in health and wellness lead to me this job, and my work has turned this interest into a real passion.   There’s nothing I find more interesting than learning about how we can help ourselves thrive, and I write the blog on this site so that I can share what I learn with anyone who might find it useful.


Although I have always appeared to be fit and healthy on the outside, I used to struggle with a range of health issues including chronic headaches, neck pain and tendon problems in my wrist. In 2013, some skin and hormone problems made me realise that I needed to make some changes, and it was time for me to take my health up a notch. With the help of a naturopath, I changed my diet in an attempt to balance my hormones, improve my digestion and heal my skin. It took time, but I was amazed with what happened. Not only did things improve, I also noticed that the chronic headaches, neck pain, and wrist inflammation I had suffered from for years had dramatically improved!


This evidence really solidified the amazing things that I had seen again and again in the clinic of what can happen when people take their health and wellness into their own hands.


I hope that you find something on this blog that is useful for you 🙂


Stay well!


– Clare

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