How To Get Back Into Exercise For The New Year


How To Get Back Into Exercise For The New Year

At the start of the New Year comes the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. Many people look at finding ways to make their lives better or simpler. Some want to ensure their house is free of useless junk. Others want to finally quit smoking. But, another common goal for many people is to get fit and get back into their exercise routine. It may feel like a hard task, but all is not lost when trying to get back into a routine.


Set Some Goals

One thing that many people fail to do is to set goals when starting back into their exercise routine. But, not only should you set goals, but you should also set realistic goals. If you spent the last half of 2018 sitting on the couch watching Netflix for hours on end, chances are you’re probably not going to do a 5km walk every week without fail. At least, not without failing within a couple of weeks.

The best way to set realistic goals is to assess what you can currently do quite easily. If you can easily walk up and down your street a couple of times, perhaps that’s the best way to start. When that becomes too easy, you can look at changing your goals to something a little more challenging. The point of this exercise is to do something achievable and help your body and mind to get used to exercising once again.


Find A Partner

When you train with someone else, it makes it a bit easier to get up in those early mornings to get to the gym. If you’re a no-show to the gym, you’re not just letting yourself down, but you’d be letting your partner down, too! Your partner can help you to stay track of your goals and can offer you the extra motivation you may be looking for. Your partner can be anyone from your husband or wife, a good friend or even, a work colleague.


Be Consistent

This part ties in with setting realistic goals. You want to ensure your goals and workout sessions are consistent. A daily session may be a good idea, but if you need to start small, every other day may be a good start. Alternatively, you might only do a 15-minute workout, so long as it is daily. Before you know it, you’ve created a positive habit that you can stick to.


Do Something You Enjoy

There is simply no point in running every day if you can’t stand it. No matter how beneficial a particular exercise is, if you hate doing it, it will never work for you. Instead, find something that you enjoy doing and are happy to do every day. If you love swimming and the beach, a walk on the beach followed by a quick dip in the ocean may be the best choice. Or, if you love riding a bike, incorporating your bike into your daily commute may feel easier to accomplish. You may also want to mix up your activities so that you don’t get bored of doing the same thing every day. Alternate your activities every so often and you’ll enjoy doing exercise even more.


When you choose the right activity for you, stay consistent and give yourself the time to enjoy exercise again, you’ll wonder why you even stopped! Exercise is an important part of your daily routine to increase fitness levels, improve mental health and overall wellbeing. With a few of these tips, hopefully, you’ll be able to get back into your workout routine and start reaping the benefits.

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