Immunity Tips for Flu and Hayfever Season

Immunity Tips for Flu and Hayfever Season

There seems to be a recurring theme going on at the moment. Everyone has, or has kids who have recently been struck down with an almighty force that is the dreaded flu. If not the flu then one of the many bugs going around. And if not a cold, it’s hay fever!

There are many things you can do to guard yourself against influenza and colds, and many things to help your body recover once they have attacked. There is the usual vitamin C, Echinacea, olive leaf extract supplements. Lemon, ginger and honey (plus a touch of whiskey if you like a hot toddy like I do) with hot water is also very soothing. Gentle exercise (like walking) is a great way to get the muscles moving which in turn gets your lymphatic system working to fight against attacking bugs to start with but also aids recovery.

Another way to help the immune system along is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). This is a very light form of massage that increases the efficiency of the immune system which is very beneficial once the worst of a cold or flu is over. A lot of people feel they have more energy after MLD and they are able to get over the last of the cold a lot faster (It cannot be performed at the beginning as it will make your symptoms worse). It also very relaxing!

If you would like to more about lymphatic drainage check out the link to Clare’s blog which explains it in more detail. MLD is available Wednesday-Saturday.

– Candice Newton, Clinical Myotherapist

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