My Favourite Mineral

My Favourite Mineral

Another excuse to eat chocolate!

Restless legs, cramps, twitches, not sleeping?  These are common complaints of clients who come to see us at Unwind Myotherapy.  While there are a lot of factors that can cause these symptoms, low magnesium levels can be a cause or large contributor to them.

There are loads of foods that contain magnesium, but due to over farming experts believe the food has lower levels than it used to have. Our stressful lifestyles, excessive sugar and caffeine consumption also deplete our magnesium levels. If you exercise, your muscles need magnesium and other minerals to repair themselves.

To increase your magnesium via diet you should eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate (any excuse!), nuts, soybeans, wholegrain cereals, peas and beans.  Vitamins and minerals tend to be lost in refinement or processing of food, so it’s best to have a wholefood diet.     However- sometimes this isn’t enough. Other ways to get your magnesium levels up are to have a bath with Epsom salts (add 1 cup to your bath), magnesium creams or oils, or take a high quality supplement.

We have a range of great quality magnesium products at the clinic. Just speak to Candice or Clare on your next visit.

– Candice Newton, BHSc (Myotherapy)

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