Self-Care Tips Before Christmas


Self-Care Tips Before Christmas

At Unwind Myotherapy, we’re all about good health and making sure you get the right treatment for your needs. As the year is starting to wind down to a close, it’s a time when plenty of people start to feel burned out. Although Christmas is meant to be a time to be full of happiness and great times spent with friends and family, it’s also a time that many people become rather stressed.


So, how can Christmas be as stress-free as possible? With some self-care. Looking after yourself is an important factor in ensuring that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the holiday spirit.


Give yourself permission

We don’t mean that you give yourself permission to eat another five mince pies, but we do mean that you give yourself permission to look after yourself, first and foremost. It is time to get rid of those thoughts telling you that self-care is selfish and unnecessary. If you want to say “no” to an extra five people at the dinner table because your Mother said so, say “no”. If you don’t want to go to a particular event for work or with family, then you don’t have to. Self-care starts with you, so be sure to give yourself permission to look after yourself.


Fail to plan and you’ll plan to fail

This tip covers a lot of areas for the holiday season. Whether it’s planning the Christmas lunch or preparing yourself for a long road trip back home, planning is the key to your self-care success. If you know you’re going to be lonely on Christmas day and know it’s going to make you feel horrible, plan ahead and find something to keep you occupied. Better still, find some friends who will also be alone and plan to spend the day together. Planning can reach right to the area of shopping for your loved ones, too. We all know how crazy shopping centres can be during the month of December, so instead, plan to do your shopping in the early hours of the morning or evening. Better still, take advantage of online shopping and stay away from the stores if possible.


Pamper yourself

When you need time to unwind from the craziness that is Christmas, give yourself a pamper session. Find what works for you to help you heal, refresh yourself and rejuvenate. Whether it’s sipping on tea and reading a good book at home, shopping for new shoes or booking a massage session, be sure to take the time to look after yourself. Pampering yourself can make you feel incredible and ready to take on a new day!


Give up expectations

Life is not a romantic comedy from Hollywood. Your Christmas tree isn’t going to be perfect, especially when the kids are constantly around it. Your dinner might not turn out as expected. Your guests may not all show up to your party. The truth is, you need to let go of the high-expectations you put on both yourself and the things/people/places around you. There are so many unrealistic expectations set up around Christmas time. Although it is painted as the most “magical” time of the year, it’s not always this way. Many people experience higher levels of depression and anxiety as many bad experiences can be heightened at this time of the year. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is to remove these high expectations you have of yourself and of the holiday and practice self-care, self-love and truly find joy and peace within yourself.


For more tips on wellness, recipes and much more, you can find all of this on our blog. Or, if you’re looking to pamper yourself this holiday season, contact the team at Unwind Myotherapy to book a session with us today.

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