Staying Healthy this Christmas

Staying Healthy this Christmas

Our wonderful practice manager Erin Keane is now a qualified naturopath.     Erin was kind enough to share her tips for staying healthy over Christmas with us below:

Christmas can be a beautiful time of year full of celebrations with friends and family, delicious feasts and precious moments with loved ones. However as many of us know, the festive season is often also associated with crazy schedules, increased stress, and at least a few occasions of overindulging. It’s part of the fun to get swept up in the silly season and make some memories- but to make sure we maintain a healthy balance, here are 5 tips for improving wellness in December.

Start the day strong

If you know you have an event later in the day, a great strategy is to begin with a healthy, satisfying breakfast that will sustain you over the coming hours and reduce unwanted cravings. A balanced breakfast should include good quality protein, complex carbohydrates and some healthy fats- some yummy ideas include a fresh fruit smoothie with nut butter and chia seeds, or eggs with avocado and spinach on sourdough toast.

Be nice to your liver

 Our livers are put under increased stress filtering through all of the goodies that Christmas tends to bring. Here are some ways to make their job a little easier-

  • Ensure you are drinking plenty of water (2-3 litres as a general guide), and add fresh cucumber or lemon for a refreshing, liver-loving kick.
  • Be moderate with your alcohol intake as much as possible to protect your liver from damage. If you are drinking alcohol aim to have a glass of water in between drinks.
  • Minimise your intake of fried, fatty foods and sugary treats; instead choose lots of fruits and vegetables which are full of beneficial antioxidants, and include quality protein with each meal.


Stay Active

Being active is an important part of everyday health, and its importance increases during the Christmas period! Regular physical exercise helps to enhance energy levels, maintain a healthy weight, manage stress and improve mood. If you’re under the pump and can’t stick to your normal fitness routine, be creative! Take a nature walk or head to your next function by foot, embrace the great workout that is cleaning, get into the backyard cricket or footy, – the more time you spend up and about rather than sitting, the better.

 Listen to your body

When it comes to that third mince pie or extra drink, we tend to know deep down when we are pushing our limits. Listen to your body and respect when you may have had enough, and enjoy the long-term benefits to your health.

Take time to relax and enjoy

Christmas is the season of giving, but sometimes we find ourselves trying to give too much of ourselves and squeezing too much in. Overworking ourselves physically and mentally can leave us feeling run down, overwhelmed and make us more susceptible to getting sick.

  • Have a look at your schedule and don’t be afraid to say no to social invites, extra work or other commitments- it’s all about balance.
  • Make self care a priority at least once a week: have a relaxing bath, listen to your favourite music, spend time in nature.. dedicate time to what ever transports you to a happy and serene place.
  • Take time to reflect on the year that was, and practice gratitude through whatever feels good for you such as journaling, meditation, telling people what they mean to you, or giving to friends, strangers or charity.



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