Top 5 Tips For A Productive New Year


Top 5 Tips For A Productive New Year

The end of the year is drawing ever closer and we’re left with the year that has been. Has it played out as you expected? Do you wish you had more time? Did you smash any goals? When it comes to the end of the year, it’s always a good time to look forward and set some goals for the year ahead. If you want to be more productive in 2019, you can certainly make that happen.


  1. Find Your Purpose

    Every morning, you need something to boost your energy levels and help you to make the most out of your day. One way you can do this is to set some time aside first thing in the morning to write down your current goals and what you are pursuing. Whether you’re writing a to-do list for the day or you’re writing down what things you are grateful for, this can give you that much-needed boost in the morning to feel energized to take on the day.

  2. Schedule Time For Emails

    Are you constantly checking your emails throughout the day? Or, are you listening out for that “ping” from your computer or laptop? Doing this can actually be quite a distraction for many people, especially those working at a desk all day. Instead, schedule some time each day to check over your emails. You may have an hour or two set aside in the morning or afternoon and this is the time you dedicate to reading over emails, responding to them and moving on with your other tasks.

  3. Know When To Delegate

    In the workplace, you may have quite a few tasks on your list at any given time. In fact, this is also true for stay at home mums or carers. There comes a time when your list is just too long to deal with all by yourself. In order to stay productive and to keep your sanity, know when to delegate tasks and jobs to other people. Whether you give the intern some paperwork to file or whether you hire someone to clean those windows at home for you, know when you need extra time and get someone else to do tasks for you.

  4. Check In With You

    When you’re rushing around at work or at home and taking care of everyone and everything around you, it’s easy to forget about yourself. Set aside time once a week (or more times if you need to) and check in with yourself. Assess how you’re feeling and make plans to address any negative feelings you may be feeling. Don’t neglect yourself in the name of “getting things done”. Self-care is hugely beneficial to you and those around you.

  5. Treat Yourself

    If you’re checking in with yourself and you’re not feeling your best, it’s time to take some time out for you. Whether you take a personal day at work to refresh your batteries or you have a day to yourself without the kids, you need to treat yourself when you need it. It could be as simple as going out for lunch on your own or with a friend or indulging in a spa day or a massage session. Whatever option you choose, make it one that you know will help you feel energized and ready to take on anything that comes your way.


No matter how your year went, 2019 can be a new start for you. In business or at home, making the time for you and your needs is important. Recognising when you need help is a good start and will help you to be even more productive this year.

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