Top Tips For Improving Your Health This Spring


Top Tips For Improving Your Health This Spring

The days are getting warmer and the days are getting longer. While your health should always be an important aspect of your life, the warmer Spring months are a good opportunity to re-focus on your health and wellbeing. With the change in climate and weather, there are a few things you can do to take advantage of the increasing warmth. 

Spring Clean Your House And Mind

When we think of Spring, we may also think of the term “spring cleaning”. And, this is a perfectly good time to think about Spring cleaning your home and mind. The warmer weather means you can open up your windows and let in some fresh air. Some people don’t have the opportunity to do so throughout the cooler months due to the weather. For some homes, the colder Winter months are an opportune time to grow mould and mildew. While you’re opening your windows, have a look at any dust, mould and mildew that you can take care of and get rid of. 

Not only will you have a physically cleaner home, but the clearer space can also help to reduce stress and give you a clearer mind. Get rid of clutter and any unused items and cleanse your home. As you’re letting go of unwanted items and clothing, let go of any built-up tension, negativity and toxic thoughts. Spring cleaning is a great activity to do alone or with the family, so get those cleaning gloves and gear ready and start cleaning!

Take Advantage Of Seasonal Foods

If you want to eat some delicious foods and help support local farmers and growers, take a look at the new foods in season at this time of the year. Heading to your local markets are a great way to see what is on offer and get to know some more people in the local community. 

Have a look online for some new recipes utilising some new ingredients and start to mix up your weeknight dinners!

Get Back Into Exercise

Did you let your exercise routine slide a little during the colder months? This is quite common with many people. So, what better way to get back into your exercise routine than to start exercising as the days get warmer. 

Spring allows you to get back into the exercise that may have been not-so-nice during Winter. Do you like going for ocean swims? Walking on the beach? Anything that requires being outside is made a lot nicer during the Spring months.

Springtime is also a great time to be active around the home with chores such as gardening. It’s a great form of light exercise that is perfect for those who are recovering from injury or just getting started into an exercise routine. If gardening isn’t your scene, even just going for walks with the dog around the neighbourhood is a great start.

Look After Your Body

Do you have any niggling pains or aches that you’ve been putting off for a while? Now that you’re getting back into an exercise routine, eating a healthy diet and cleaning your home, now is also a good time to assess your health. Many people put off seeing a doctor or practitioner about aches and pains but you shouldn’t have to suffer in pain every day.

Start by seeing your health professional and discussing your concerns. They may refer you to a specialist or ask you to do some more testing (such as x-rays or scans) in order to rule out any major concerns. For minor aches, pains and strains, you could seek the advice and help of a myotherapist who can help utilise their range of services to help you to feel better.

Now that it is Spring, it’s time to shake away the cobwebs and refresh your home, body and mind. It can be as simple as clearing your home and refreshing your living space. Whichever route you take, make sure you enjoy the warmer months and help improve your health today.

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