Ways To Relieve Neck Pain


Ways To Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a debilitating issue. It can hit you when you least expect and cause other symptoms such as headaches. With so many of us working on computers or looking at smartphones, it’s no wonder that many people have noticed these effects on their neck. In fact, it is becoming quite a common pain experience, with around 20 per cent of people experiencing neck pain in the last three months according to a study.

What causes neck pain?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to neck pain. One of these factors includes overuse. With misuse and poor posture, over time the neck muscles can weaken. Even looking at a computer screen all day can lead to the muscles around the neck joints to become fatigued. Over time, this leads to the displacement of your neck joints.

With a few simple exercises, you can help your neck to feel relief and avoid neck pain in the future.

  1. Include daily stretches into your routine
    Whether you’re driving for long periods of time or whether you work in an office and are at a computer for hours, stretching your neck muscles can help relieve some of the pain. Making sure you stretch your neck every hour or taking regular breaks can help relieve the stress on your neck.

  2. Assess your sleep patterns
    If you notice that you have a sore neck in the morning, you may want to take a look at the way you sleep. You should try to only sleep on your side or back if you have neck pain, as sleeping on your stomach can cause issues. When you sleep on your stomach, you’re more likely to have your head tilted one way, sometimes for hours on end.  In many cases, purchasing a new pillow that is right for you will greatly decrease neck pain.   This is something that you can talk to your Myotherapist or health practitioner about.

  3. Make some ergonomic adjustments
    If possible, make some changes to your daily life or work routine that is better for your neck. If you work in an office, ensure your computer screen is at the right height for you. Your chair should also be able to support you comfortably as you work. If this isn’t possible due to your workplace (such as sharing of equipment), make sure all adjustments that you can make personally are looked after. For example, making sure your eyes are tested frequently and that you are wearing the right prescription glasses if needed. This will ensure you’re not unnecessarily leaning forward at your workstation and straining your eyes.

  4. See a physical therapist
    Whether you see a physiotherapist or a myotherapist, consider making use of these specialty services for better neck health. Depending on the severity and cause of the neck pain, you may find great benefits  This type of therapy can help to look at some of the causes of the pain and a good therapist can also teach you methods on how to reduce your risk of future injury. With targeted exercises, you may be able to strengthen the weak areas of your neck causing you issues.

  5. Apply heat or ice
    For the first 48 to 72 hours of neck pain, use ice on your neck to relieve pain symptoms. After this time, use heat. The heat can be applied in the form of warm compresses or even a warm shower or bath. Just be sure not to fall asleep whilst using heat pads to avoid skin injuries.

  6. Keep moving
    One thing that you will likely want to do when you have a sore neck is to not move it very much. However, doing this can sometimes cause more tightening of the muscles and less range of motion. Try to continue moving your neck as you would usually. But, avoid any activities that are likely to cause more pain to your neck.

If you have neck pain, try some of these methods to help reduce the symptoms and get back to feeling great again!

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