Myotherapy and/or Remedial Massage Therapy


Myotherapy (Muscle Therapy)

Myotherapists are muscle specialists who use a variety of techniques to decrease muscular pain, and restore and maintain the healthy integrity of muscles. 


The techniques we use include:

* trigger point therapy

* deep tissue massage

* joint mobilisation

* corrective exercises

* cupping

* dry needling (using acupuncture needles to treat muscular trigger points).


Initial Consultation:

60 mins: $120 (concession $110)


Follow Up Consultations:

60 mins: $110 (concession $100)

45 mins: $95 (concession $85)



Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a deep tissue massage that is aiming to remedy an issue. Remedial Massage Therapists are skilled at focussing on specific muscle points, as well as releasing general muscle tension during a session.

Remedial Massage Therapists use techniques such as:

* deep tissue massage

* trigger point therapy

* myofascial release

* stretching


Myotherapy and Remedial massage can be effective in the treatment of:

* Stress and muscular tension

* Neck and back pain

* Sports injuries

* Headaches

* Tension from repetitive work activities

* Decreased joint movement and stiffness

* Tennis elbow, sciatica and frozen shoulder

* Pregnancy-related muscular soreness

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

MLD is a light-pressure massage performed in a particular sequence to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body.


MLD assists with:

* decreasing fluid retention and swelling around joints after injury or surgery

* increasing immunity

* detoxification


MLD can also be helpful in the treatment of conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.


You can learn more about Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage here.



90 mins: $145